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Project Description

PoshConsole is a modern graphical PowerShell Console. We aim to have a complete open source implementation of the PSHostUserInterface and PSRawHostUserInterface written in WPF and including a custom ConsoleControl which can be reused for other purposes.



  • The first rich, graphical, interactive console.
  • The only PowerShell console with Quake Mode!
  • Multi-line input prompt inline the way consoles should be.
  • Global hotkeys can be tied to ScriptBlocks
  • Rich XAML templates for Out-UIElement output formatting
  • Each sequence of prompt, command, output are paired into a logical unit -- a RichTextBox Paragraph.
    • Triple-Click to select a whole sequence.
  • Boatloads of configurable settings are available in the $Host.PrivateData.Settings variable.
    • Autohide upon losing focus.
    • Animation on hiding.
    • Customizable colors (optionally outside the 16 console colors) for each output type, and for each console color
  • Integrated graphical Progress display ...


  • Written entirely in C# using WPF for the UI, Event Handling, etc.
  • Based on ConsoleControl, a WPF rich-text control for interactive consoles capable of embedding images and controls, etc.

Many things left to do:

  • PSHostRawUserInterface.GetBufferContents and PSHostRawUserInterface.SetBufferContents are still not quite right.
  • PSHostRawUserInterface.ScrollBufferContents is not implemented at all

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