How are the Hotkeys supposed to work?

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May 25, 2011 at 10:17 AM
Edited May 25, 2011 at 10:23 AM

I am running default config of PoshConsole on Windows 7 x64 and are having problems figuring out how the keyboard hotkeys are suppoed to work.

It seems like the Win+S shrinks the window on the first time I press the key combination and then hides on a second kit, but how to get the console windowd back?

What other keys should be usable?

It just sits hidden in the task manager process list...


May 25, 2011 at 5:54 PM

You should be able to press Win+C and get the window back at any time.

But not all of the hotkeys are working the way they’re supposed to:

<KeyBinding Command="huddled:WindowCommands.VisibilityToggle" Key="C" Modifiers="Win+Shift" />
<KeyBinding Command="huddled:WindowCommands.Close" Key="F4" Modifiers="Win" />
<KeyBinding Command="huddled:WindowCommands.Hide" Key="S" Modifiers="Win+Shift" />
<KeyBinding Command="huddled:WindowCommands.Show" Key="S" Modifiers="Win" />
<KeyBinding Command="huddled:WindowCommands.Activate" Key="C" Modifiers="Win" />

I expect I’ll probably get rid of several of those and keep just the Activate and Hide keys, and then I’ll add a “Toggle QuakeMode” key that will turn the QuakeMode from “Top” to “None” and back, forcing the window to dock (or undock) at the same. What do you think?

Incidentally, there are also some non-global hotkeys (The Toggle QuakeMode key probably shouldn’t be global), so far:

Several keys to stop execution of the pipeline.

<KeyBinding Command="ApplicationCommands.Stop" Key="Escape" />
<KeyBinding Command="ApplicationCommands.Stop" Key="F2" />
<KeyBinding Command="ApplicationCommands.Stop" Key="Pause" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="ApplicationCommands.Stop" Key="C" Modifiers="Control" />

Control and the +/- keys to control zoom

<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.IncreaseZoom" Key="OemPlus" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.IncreaseZoom" Key="Add" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.DecreaseZoom" Key="Subtract" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.DecreaseZoom" Key="OemMinus" Modifiers="Control" />

Control + numbers to go straight to specific zoom levels

<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="100" Key="D0" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="110" Key="D1" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="120" Key="D2" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="130" Key="D3" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="140" Key="D4" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="150" Key="D5" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="160" Key="D6" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="170" Key="D7" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="80" Key="D8" Modifiers="Control" />
<KeyBinding Command="NavigationCommands.Zoom" CommandParameter="90" Key="D9" Modifiers="Control"

May 26, 2011 at 4:03 AM
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