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PoshConsole 2.0 Beta

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Released: Mar 8, 2010
Updated: Mar 11, 2010 by Jaykul
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Application PoshConsole 2 Installer for .Net 4 (x64)
application, 893K, uploaded Mar 8, 2010 - 3598 downloads

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Application PoshConsole 2 Installer for .Net 3.5 (x64)
application, 893K, uploaded Mar 11, 2010 - 299 downloads
Application PoshConsole 2 Installer for .Net 4 (x86)
application, 894K, uploaded Mar 8, 2010 - 1307 downloads
Application PoshConsole 2 Installer for .Net 3.5 (x86)
application, 893K, uploaded Mar 11, 2010 - 1009 downloads
Application PoshConsole 2 binaries 7z (Any CPU)
application, 339K, uploaded Mar 8, 2010 - 582 downloads

Release Notes

With this release, I am refocusing PoshConsole...

NOTE: Updated .Net 3.5 installers below as of 3/10/2010 (old installers were checking for .net 4 even on the .Net 3.5 installer)

It will be a PowerShell 2 host, without support for PowerShell 1.0

I have used some of the new PowerShell 2.0 APIs, and since I no longer have any machines with PowerShell 1.0 on them to do real testing, it's become too expensive (timewise) to support PowerShell 1 -- I'm moving on, I hope you will too. Incidentally, this is the only reason for the bump to "2.0" on the version: I want to make sure that we're very clear that this doesn't support PowerShell 1.

It will focus on WPF, XAML, and on differentiating itself via that graphical platform.

The "PoshWPF" module which has always shipped hidden inside PowerBoots has always had some features with specific support for hosts which support IPSXamlConsole -- but with this release, PoshConsole becomes the official vehicle for future releases of PoshWPF (I will continue to ship the latest version available when I do PowerBoots releases). This will lead to continued improvement of PoshWPF on a more rapid pace, and will make it easier to add enhanced WPF and Xaml support to PoshConsole.

I'm also moving to release .Net 4 -- so I'm taking advantage of the "Go Live" licensing in the VS2010 and .Net 4 release candidates to release binaries built against .Net 4. If you have it available, using that build will get you better performance, better rendering, and enhanced support for Xaml serialization (which isn't actually that great) via a series of -Xaml cmdlets (ConvertTo | ConvertFrom | Export | Import).

It will focus on stability and performance

To this end I temporarily crippled "QuakeMode" (see: Set-QuakeMode) in order to remove some of the problems caused by the "chromeless" window design that was required for that mode. If you want to see that "slide down from the top -- full screen-width" mode get better again, I want to hear from you about it, because I don't really use it myself, and I'm not very inspired to work on it. If it does return, it will most likely return as a command-line switch for PoshConsole or even as a separate executable.

I've fixed and closed over 30 work items in this release, and left only two minor tickets among the ones I originally intended to address ... and I've been using it as my main PowerShell host for a few weeks now -- it feels to me that it's basically stable. There are still some problems with
native applications (particularly the fact that if they are NOT supported, there's no way to kill them), and some pieces of the RawUI that aren't finished (SetBufferContents, etc), but I believe those are only used by a tiny fraction of people a tiny fraction of the time, so you should be good to go as long as you're not using PowerShell to interact with apps like or vi/emacs in the console ;-) -- PLEASE let me know if you run into any problems.

I'm also releasing x64 binaries and doing NGen in the installers to improve startup performance in particular -- I think you'll notice. If you're bothered by the startup time, you can also disable the startup banner setting to remove that big welcome screen it starts with.

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