Tab completion problem


When tab completion does not find choices it repeats the command. For instance, there is no cmdlet that starts with "out-e", so if you type in the prompt something like "1,2,3 | out-e" followed by a tab the prompt changes to "1,2,3 | 1,2,3 | out-e" type tab again and you get "1,2,3 | 1,2,3 | 1,2,3 | 1,2,3 | out-e", etc.
I'm not sure this is the right fix, i fixed it by wrapping the following lines in the method "private void OnTabPressed(KeyEventArgs e)" in ConsoleControl.EventHandlers.cs with the if (choices.Count > 0){}

if (choices.Count > 0)
string tabExpansion = e.IsModifi.....
CurrentCommand = cmdline.Subst....


Jaykul wrote Jan 24, 2012 at 9:42 PM

That looks logical to me, I'll double check it and check it in.